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Elevate Your Sales Team’s Performance & Drive Results

New Employee Orientation Meeting

According to Training Industry, 27% of companies don’t have an onboarding process for salespeople. Of new reps that did go through an onboarding program, only 26% said their training was effective.

What’s the cost of losing a sales rep? According to a study by DePaul University, $115,000 in the United States, when you factor in the cost of acquiring a new sales rep, training them, and then the opportunity cost of not having a person in-seat during that time.

Elevate your sales team’s performance by understanding what drives success, capacity, competency, and individual motivation

The result? Increased productivity, reduced sales-cycle-time, higher close rates.


Accelerate Your Results Today!


Assess your sales performance with Tyson Group’s 140-Point Sales Talent Diagnostics.

Uncover your team’s strengths and opportunities for growth with our comprehensive 140-Point Sales Diagnostic, which measures the core competencies necessary for a truly high-performance sales team.

How we help you maximize your greatest resource—your sales talent

Leveling up your sales team takes more than just training. You must start with the basics—recruiting, onboarding, evaluating, and measuring.

You need to start with the basics - recruiting, onboarding, evaluating, and measuring.

Maximizing sales performance is a fully-integrated journey that begins with your Sales Talent. Our comprehensive diagnostic will help you in developing a true path in recruiting, selection, hiring, onboarding, development, and succession planning. 

Sales Team Science

Our suite of sales solutions incorporates our award-winning training, coaching, and consulting, rooted in industry best practices and based on the science of sales. Click below to see how Tyson Group can design a science-based sales performance solution to drive results. 



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