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Focusing Solely on Your High-Performing Salespeople Can Impact Your Medal Count

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Sales talent for high-performing sales teams . Olympic gymnastics team medalists. Rio 2016.

Coach ALL Members of Your Sales Team to Increase Performance Metrics

The Olympics. Arguably the biggest stage in the world for an athlete. Even if you’re a casual fan, you likely know the superstars everyone is watching, like elite gymnast Simone Biles. But you might not have heard of her teammate, MyKayla Skinner֫—that is until she took home the silver medal in the Vault for the individual events.

Imagine being the gymnastic coach for team USA. Of course you put a ton of effort and resources in an A-player like Biles. But you can’t forget about the rest of your team. They train just as hard and want to succeed just as much as the A-players—maybe even more.

Such was the case with Skinner. She wasn’t predicted to medal at all in the Olympics due to Biles dominance. In fact, she was packed and ready to return home when she got the call from her coach that Biles had withdrawn. Skinner got her chance to shine, and shine she did..

Translating this to sales, I’m talking about one of the 6 Drivers of High-Performing Sales Teams—Sales Talent. This is the process to attract, select, onboard, develop, and retain salespeople. What if the coach put all of Team USA’s eggs in one basket, solely focusing on Simone Biles and no one else? Superstars are great to have, but they are human. They might not live up to your expectations all the time. They might not deliver when you need them to. They have bad days and make mistakes just like everybody else.

The moral of the story is this: it’s just as important to invest in and coach members of your sales team who are average or have plateaued or are non-performers, just as much as the stars.

Every team member wants their time to shine, and if you keep coaching them, they will deliver.

Good coaches, including today's sales leaders, start with an honest assessment of their high-performance team's skills and abilities. Don't get left out. Take the Sales Team Science Assessment here.

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