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Know Your Why

Updated: May 30, 2023

Know your prospects needs

High-Performing Sales Teams Always Know Their Prospects’ Needs

I’ve done all types of real-time phone coaching with a variety of inside sales teams. Getting the gatekeeper to put a decision maker on the line is easy. Listening to the decision maker chew you out for a useless interruption with no value is a lot harder.  

In my training sessions, on social media, and in consultations, I’ve had sales reps ask questions like, “How do I get past the gatekeeper? How do I get the president of the company on the phone?” Instead of asking these common questions, asking the following two questions will have a bigger impact on your perspective and your call results:

  1. Why am I calling this person?

  2. Am I flexible enough to see the world from the prospect’s perspective?

The tactics and strategies that we review in our training programs and coaching sessions are extremely effective. However, nothing can compensate for the lack of a legitimate reason for the call in the first place. When you are calling your customers and prospects, always know why you are calling. See the world from the prospect’s perspec­tive. And if you catch them in a meeting, they probably picked up the phone expecting the worst. Apologize for the intrusion, resched­ule, and leave them something to smile about before sending them back to their meeting.

Remember, selling is an away game. It takes place in the mind of the prospect. Always leave your prospect or customer with something of value, and you’ll be advantageously positioned for your next encounter with them.

Selling is an away game from Lance Tyson

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