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Training Industry Recognizes Tyson Group for Its Unique Training Style

Updated: May 22, 2023

Training Industry

There’s no doubt that we're in the middle of some tough times - a raging pandemic, a downturned economy, rising unemployment...  Yes, we can all agree that times aren’t the best right now.

But speaking as someone who has served as a salesperson, sales coach, sales manager, and CEO, I can say that we’ve faced tough times before. And to get through the dark times, we do two things. First, we focus on what we can control and change it for the better. And second, we highlight our accomplishments to carry us to better times.  As I’ve coached my team through the years, acknowledge the situation. But work to change what’s in your control and celebrate your victories when they happen.

Recently, Training Industry announced its 2020 Top Sales Training Companies List and they included Tyson Group in their Watch List.

Now, Training Industry has some rigorous criteria they used in selecting the companies for these lists:

  1. Thought leadership and influence on the sales training sector

  2. Breadth and quality of sales training topics and competencies

  3. Company size and growth potential

  4. Industry recognition and innovation 

  5. Strength of clients and geographic reach

But what I find interesting about the Watch List is how Danielle Draewell, a market research analyst at Training Industry, Inc., described it: “The companies selected for the 2020 Sales Training Companies Watch List bring unique and specialized strengths to the sales training industry. These organizations create exclusive learning experiences and sustainment practices that keep the learner involved and connected in the industry.”  Read the full press release here.

Building a Larger Sales Community

Such milestones aren’t the result of any single individual. They are the fruits of the entire team’s collected efforts.  And the entire team deserves recognition. To be included on Training Industry’s list of influential players is an affirmation that the entire team is making an impact on the sales community.  

We've always sought to capitalize on the skills, creativity, and energy of our team members to create a unique learning experience for our clients. Be it training, coaching sessions, or consulting on our assessments, each one of our clients are unique with unique circumstances. As such, we need to take a tailored approach to best serve each one.

But we also seek to provide our entire community of sales professionals with rich and unique learning experiences.  To that end, we recently launched Against the Sales Odds, a series of interviews with sales leaders. In this series, we have tapped some of the biggest names in the industry and given them a platform where they can share knowledge, wisdom, and advice with the sales community at large. It’s one of the ways the Tyson Group team is changing what’s in our control to improve the current situation.

As I said at the top of this post, to get through the tough times, including the one we are currently in, change what’s in your control and celebrate your victories when they happen.

Good Selling!

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