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Professional Services


Selling Professional Services is unlike selling in any other industry because your product isn’t tangible. Buyers can’t see, touch, or feel what you’re selling. Not to mention, most professionals have difficulty coming to terms with being a salesperson. After all, selling is not what they signed up for! Professional Service sales organizations face an increasingly competitive landscape in today’s world as new businesses look to capture their piece of the market share. That means customer expectations are not only continuing to grow but are becoming more complex as well.

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Professional Service firms realize that they can no longer rely on passive sales strategies and wait for customers to walk through the door. They need a selling edge. That is where the Tyson Group comes in.

Whether you are looking to unleash your leaders and business developers’ sales potential or build your client base and expand client accounts, Tyson Group is your expert in sales training techniques for those in the Professional Services industry.

We’ll teach your team to succeed with business development and in bringing in their client base. We’ve worked with Professional Services firms of all shapes and sizes, we know how to speak the language, and we teach professionals how to sell by demonstrating the value of their services.


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