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Professional Sports


Of all industries, Professional Sports have arguably taken the most significant revenue hit thanks to COVID-19. Between the NBA, NFL, and MLB, the estimated revenue loss in 2020 is $13 billion. As such, franchise sales teams struggle to adapt to the new landscape and develop a winning model during uncertain times. Ticket sales historically have been the bread and butter of a sports team’s revenue stream. Now more than ever, there is stiff competition for the corporate entertainment dollar.


If you’re looking to up your franchise’s sales game, look no further than Tyson Group. We’ve spent decades training sales talent for some of the biggest names in professional sports and entertainment. Due to our experience, we understand the pain points facing sales management in today’s complex world. Through predictive analysis, we’ll assess your sales team to determine what additional tools they need to successfully perform in their role and help drive revenue. By evaluating these variables, our team can find a solution and begin designing a customized game plan to achieve your overall strategies and goals.

We offer training solutions in a variety of ways, including virtually, in person, and remote. Let’s talk about what we can do to get you selling.


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