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Sales Presentations
Organize Your Message

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How We Look, How We Act, What We Say, and How We Say It

Looking for ways to boost the performance of your sales team?  Want to give your crew some easy wins? We have a solution for you!

Don’t let your salespeople read their proposal from a written script unless they really need the verbal precision. Instead, help your salespeople make better use of their proposal by outlining the main points and create an outline for their presentation delivery. Coach them to control the overall structure and flow of their presentation.


We have designed a playbook where you'll find several tactics used by professional speakers. All of these principles can be applied to your next Zoom meeting or presentation. 

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Sales Training Programs
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The Mastering Negotiation Strategies Program is a comprehensive, hands-on training experience designed to equip professionals with the skills, strategies, and techniques needed to excel in high-stakes negotiations. This course enables participants to confidently navigate complex negotiation scenarios, reach mutually beneficial outcomes, and strengthen their business relationships.


  • Develop essential negotiation skills, including active listening, effective questioning, and persuasive communication, to build rapport, trust, and credibility with negotiation counterparts.​

  • Learn how to prepare for negotiations by researching, identifying key stakeholders, understanding their interests, and setting realistic goals and objectives.

  • Master the art of collaborative problem-solving, leveraging your understanding of each party's needs, priorities, and constraints to create win-win outcomes.​

  • Acquire strategies for managing emotions, maintaining composure, and staying focused on your objectives during challenging negotiation situations.

  • Discover techniques for effectively handling objections, impasses, and other barriers to reaching an agreement, while preserving the relationship and advancing mutual interests.

  • Learn how to use data-driven insights and analytics to inform your negotiation strategy, track progress, and evaluate the success of your negotiation efforts.

  • Gain insights into best practices for continuous learning, self-improvement, and adapting to an ever-evolving business landscape, while maintaining a strong focus on negotiation excellence.

Upon completing the Mastering Negotiation Strategies Program, participants will be well-equipped to excel in high-stakes negotiations by harnessing the power of effective communication, collaborative problem-solving, and data-driven insights. This program is an essential investment for professionals seeking to elevate their negotiation skills, build strong business relationships, and achieve lasting career success.



EVALUATE: Our approach starts with a thorough evaluation of the client's current sales process and performance. We work with the client to gather data on their sales goals, sales team structure, sales process, and sales performance metrics. This evaluation allows us to identify areas where the client's sales process may be falling short and determine where improvements can be made

DIAGNOSE: After gathering and analyzing data, we move to the diagnosis phase. In this phase, we work closely with the client to identify the root causes of their sales challenges. This may involve conducting additional research, such as customer interviews or competitor analysis, to gain a deeper understanding of the client's sales environment. We also evaluate the client's existing sales training and coaching programs to determine their effectiveness

DESIGN: Once we have a clear understanding of the client's sales challenges and the underlying causes, we move to the design phase. In this phase, we work with the client to develop a customized sales training and coaching program that addresses their specific needs. This may involve creating new training materials or modifying existing ones, as well as developing a coaching program tailored to the client's sales team

DELIVER: The final phase of our approach is to deliver the customized training and coaching program to the client's sales team. We work with the client to schedule training sessions and coaching sessions, and we deliver the program using a variety of methods, including in-person training, webinars, and e-learning modules. Throughout this phase, we work closely with the client to ensure that the program is meeting their needs and that their sales team is making progress towards their sales goals

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The Process that Lance is sharing in this book has been the driver of over $5 billion in acquisitions for new NFL stadium projects we have partnered on in Dallas, San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. The content is not rhetoric and theories, but best practices that have been put to the test and lead to success at the highest level.

Mike Ondrejko,

President of Global Sales, Legends


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When we consult with sales directors, vice presidents, and chief revenue officers, many have asked us, “So, how do you buy sales training? What are some of the things I should look for when I’m building up my team?”

Over the years, we’ve had the good fortune to listen to executives and observe many organizations go through the exercise of purchasing sales training. Some do it well. Others need a little more help. But overall, there are 5 major pieces to consider when buying sales training.

These 5 elements are:

  1. The sales training content

  2. The sales training process

  3. The training methodology

  4. The adaptability and agility of the training company

  5. Consider how you were sold


Let’s look at the first element of this process, the training content.

When you look at the content aspect of sales training, there are generally two camps where most of the sales training content congregates. On one hand, you have companies that act as big content houses. They have an extensive repository of material that focuses on the latest trends and thought leadership, but it’s taught with a university style approach. You are expected to implement and execute the training yourself.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the sales trainer with a fist full of PowerPoint slides, a bunch of opinions and generalizations about sales. Sure, the trainer or the leader of the organization has experience in sales. They probably moved up the ranks to sales management and decided to open their own shop and share that experience. But the training isn’t based on principles of organizational development, adult learning, or attaining behavioral changes.

What you want is something that has trainers with experience, teaching material that is based on the principles of human learning and behavioral change. But you also want it to be up-to-date with the latest societal and business changes and trends. And it must be customizable to address your organization’s specific needs.


Here are four questions to think about when evaluating the content from the sales training organization you are considering:

  1. Customization: Is the content flexible enough to be customized to your sales team’s needs and learning styles?

  2. Design: Is the basic structure of the content assembled by someone with an instructional design background or is it the teachings based on the experience of the founder of the organization?

  3. Tested: Has the content been tested and use in other environments (taking into consideration customization, of course)?

  4. Accessories: Are there learning aids and reference manuals that come with the training?



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