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Magnified Grass


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Whether selling direct or through distribution, Ag sales professionals are challenged to sell in a highly volatile market, where purchasing is based on maximizing yield and minimizing input cost. And where profitability is often unpredictable. Tyson Group understands selling in the Agriculture industry. We know sellers must elevate the conversation beyond product and solution expertise and become trusted business partners. They must help customers navigate big manufacturers' pressures and shareholders' demands to adapt, grow, and create lasting sustainability.

Selling in the Agriculture industry presents its own set of unique challenges. From farmers and growers to farm machinery manufacturers and dealers, from ag-tech companies to livestock handlers, all involved face many pain points. This is due to a multitude of inherent risks, including globalization, world health issues, land-use disputes, labor shortages, logistics and transportation dilemmas, climate change, emerging start-ups, and the double-edged sword of ever-evolving technology.

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