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As the business environment has shifted due to COVID-19, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals sales professionals’ likelihood of conducting traditional face-to-face meetings has dropped dramatically. The days of spontaneous drop-ins and conversations are long gone to determine the prospect’s need or interest.

Sales teams in the industry need a more strategic approach that adds value to the customer and builds trust. Now is the time for sales leaders to seize the opportunity to differentiate and become a trusted partner who demonstrates an interest in the customer, their practice, and their patients while demonstrating sensitivity to the current environment.

Selling Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals is unique compared to any other industry. Salespeople are often selling to intelligent, time-strapped buyers in a professional setting. And because Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies are continually developing new products, their sales team needs to learn quickly, have an aptitude for science, and stay on top of what is happening in the medical world.

Whether you need to unleash the sales potential of your pharma sales team, develop the skills of your sales managers, or onboard reps more quickly, Tyson Group can help. We speak your language. We know how to equip sales professionals to succeed in this new healthcare environment. This includes gaining access to key stakeholders, identifying business opportunities aligned with customer and patient needs, and tapping the massive, often overlooked opportunity in many Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies to grow existing accounts.

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