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Despite this kind of opportunity, there are multiple sales challenges. Buyers are more educated and aware of their options and continue to put pressure on price, leaving behind razor-thin margins. That means it’s more important than ever for sales professionals in Logistics and Transportation to position the value of their offerings to escape the commodity-driven sale.

At Tyson Group, we understand the industry-specific challenges inherent in the Transportation and Logistics industries. We know the ins and outs of supply chain management, information systems, order processing, warehousing, sourcing, and logistics management.

It’s an exciting time to be selling in Logistics and Transportation. These industries alone account for roughly 10 percent of the US Gross Domestic Product, which calculates to $1.2 Trillion annually. Continued globalization is creating massive business opportunities across the nation at ports, distribution centers, rail hubs, and trucking companies; your services are needed by someone, somewhere, at this very moment.

We appreciate the critical relationships between supply and demand, price and volume, useless discounting, competitor positioning, relationship selling, and customer segmentation.

Our innovative selling strategies are designed to help salespeople navigate customer requests and deliver powerful solutions. You can count on us to tailor a sales solution to help you address your unique sales challenges.

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