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9 Skill Sets to Consider When Training

9 Skill Sets to Consider When Training
9 Skill Sets to Consider When Training

When you’re considering training for your sales team, there are a number of factors to consider. Last week we went over three main factors that must be considered when purchasing any type of training. You can read more on those factors here if you missed last weeks blog post.

This week, we’re sharing with you 9 Skill Sets That Will Boost Your Sales Team”. We have researched and tested these training skills with several of our pro sports clients, Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Lightning, San Francisco 49ers, Legends Hospitality Management, San Diego Padres, Miami Dolphins, New York Yankees, and Sacramento Kings, to name a few.

9 Skills Sets That Will Boost Your Sales Team

Here’s a quick review of those 9 Skill Sets:

Sales Success Attitude

Apply a positive attitude to improve sales results. Examine what’s blocking attitude-and why-to grow a positive one. Identify actions to improve attitude.

Walk in the Prospect’s Shoes

Recognize the elements of sales success preparation. Identify different buyer characteristics. Examine how “giving value first” can help build the relationship.

Attract New Business

Apply consultant value to attract prospects and customers. Uncover buying motives to attract sales success. Recognize the power of business social media. Use champions and networking that can help attract others.

Engage People So They Want To Buy

Create questions that create an atmosphere where customers want to buy. Employ strategies so that buyers want to talk about their interests. Apply active listening that can lead to buying signals.

Present Compelling Solutions

Display confidence to set the tone for sales success. Apply unique solutions that will attract each buyer. Formulate solutions that appeal to buyer’s logic and emotions. Differentiate from the competition with creativity.

Remove Risks and Objections

Remove barriers and risks so the customer will move forward with confidence. Respond effectively to the most common objections. Use testimonials (or third-party authentications) for objection prevention.

Appeal to Motives and Gain Commitment

Evaluate the buyers’ signals to move the sale forward (or not). Engage the prospect’s emotions in order to further the buying process. Earn customer commitments.

Deliver and Follow Through After the Sale

Earn customer loyalty. Respond effectively when mistakes happen. Apply business social media strategies to stay in touch. Leverage CRM systems as stay in touch tools. Create territory management strategies to stay in touch.

Sustain Success

Establish meaningful goals to ensure higher levels of sales success. Deliver sustainable results.

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