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Get the Secrets to Effective Prospecting this year at ALSD

Updated: May 30, 2023

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One of the main points we make in our training and coaching is that throughout your sales process, from prospecting to close and beyond, you have to be able to get out of your head and see things from your prospect or client’s perspective.  

In fact, if you review some of our past posts, you’ll see examples from some of our trainers and sales execs who tried every way imaginable to secure a meeting with a prospect and failed to get their attention every time.  Yet when they stopped focusing on what they wanted to bring to the table and focused instead on the challenges that their prospect brought to the table, they were able to secure high quality meetings with better overall close rates.

This is an important concept throughout the history of sales. In fact, one of the phrases that I constantly heard in the early days of my sales career was, “If you want to sell what John Brown buys, you must see the world through John Brown's eyes.” 

And yet, many companies continue to be product-centric in their training and coaching, focusing on how to push product features and benefits and less on the strengths and skills of the salesperson. Don’t get me wrong- presenting product features and benefits is necessary to make the sale, but it won’t get you in the door or engender trust from your prospect. To do that, you need an additional set of skills, strengths, and the coaching to enhance them.

Tyson Group Conducting ALSD Training on Prospecting

That’s why Allison Schuller, Vice President of Sales at Tyson Group, will take this topic on at the 2019 ALSD conference in Chicago.  This year, ALSD will hold it’s 5th annual Sports Sales Training Forum during the conference. It’s all pure sports sales training.  And Allison will lead a session on prospecting that focuses on seeing the world through the customer’s eyes. After all, if you want to sell what John Brown buys, you must see the world through John Brown’s eyes.

If you are attending the Sports Sales Training Forum on July 1, be sure to attend Allison’s session, “Prospecting: Drillbit vs Holes” to get your prospecting process back online. And if you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time. You can register for the entire conference  here at the ALSD site.

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