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Have Them at Hello

Updated: May 30, 2023

Encourage Sales Starters to Build a Strong Sales Team

Getting a two-way conversation going is crucial to increase sales effectiveness, and questions are a great way to do it. Let’s talk about Sales Starters. One time I was with one of my new hires, Ellen Valudes, at a meeting with a VP at Comcast. Sometimes pleasantries can take over a meeting, but Ellen is very gregarious and powerful communicator and I had coached her on that earlier.

As she was looking for her opportunity to bridge out of the pleasantries she said, “Did you know your salespeople are stealing from you?”

I looked over at her, jaw wide open, not knowing what to say.

 With a pregnant pause, she continued. “Every time they go into a sales call without a plan and a process, they steal time from the prospect, and from Comcast.”

Ellen had both me and the VP at hello.

She went on: “Our meeting today is going to focus on ideas of how Comcast sales employees can leverage a predictable process to grow sales.”

The Sales Starter or Attention Getter is an opener. It hinges on the ability to gain favorable attention. To do this, you may compliment a prospect, ask questions, refer, educate, share information, or startle.

Having the right Sales Starter can create a great opening. And contrary to popular belief, there is no skill in closing; it’s all about a great opening.

Selling is an away game from Lance Tyson

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