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How to Drive Sales in the Face of Business Uncertainty

Updated: May 30, 2023

driving sales in times of business uncertainty

One of the things that I talk to sales leaders about is the difference between a thermometer and a thermostat. A thermostat can set the temperature and manipulate the climate to get to the desired temperature. A thermometer can only take the temperature. With the business uncertainty in today’s climate, we can only take the temperature and react minute-by-minute to this uncertainty.

Over the past week I have personally interviewed 18 different C-Suite sales executives about taking the temperature of their business and how they’re leading, coaching, and managing their salespeople with the business uncertainty of today’s sales environment. 

Here are a few things that became obvious:

  1. Extraordinary circumstances (in this case, the COVID pandemic) can alter the business climate, and in this case, it's going to create a very different world moving forward.

  2. Messaging in the moment was absolutely critical to your  their clients and prospects and even more now. These sales leaders are micro-coaching on messaging.

  3. Salespeople can’t be tone deaf to the prevailing circumstances. They must display tactical empathy. That's key.  Depending on their role, each conversation may be different.

  4. With many of their salespeople working remotely, sales leaders are spending an inordinate amount of time with prep, training, and coaching, and addressing how their salespeople will move forward within the current business uncertainty.

  5. Key performance indicators are being adjusted, as are goals. This obviously affects performance and expectations. 

A recent study by the Sales Management Association stated that 43% of firms improved sales organization effectiveness over the prior 12 months, and fewer than one in five (18%) consider their salesperson training and development efforts effective. With today’s business uncertainty, it feels like the climate is changing by the minute. 

Over the past year, Tyson Group has assessed, trained, and profiled over 2,500 salespeople in various industries from technology to sports and entertainment. That data has given us the ability to identify a number of factors that define success. That information, coupled with the content from my best-selling book, Selling Is An Away Game, gives a unique approach to assist sales leaders when looking to improve the overall skills, tactics, and strategies of their sales teams.

After connecting with our clients and receiving multiple requests, I determined that I want to address the issues being faced in this current climate, where salespeople are not only working in new, remote environments, but facing an unprecedented sales climate.  I’ve pulled together our resources for a webinar to address these challenges and trends. 

In this webinar, together we will:

  1. Identify 9 key skills that your salespeople will need moving forward through extraordinary business climates like the COVID pandemic we are currently facing. These range from how you prospect, how you facilitate, how to emotionally deal with objections, and to how to negotiate.

  2. Address what it really means to “sharpen the ax” and develop the right learning, training, and coaching plan for your salespeople in the moment.  And how to execute.

  3. Integrate the 3 key concepts to achieve maximum skill development, from different sales methodologies to the right content.

  4. Introduce the 4-step behavioral change model.

  5. Present the 4 key ingredients to communicate effectively with your team.

Please join us. You can view the on-demand webinar here

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