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Oh Yeah? Prove it!

Updated: May 15, 2023

use evidence for sales effectiveness

Drive Sales Effectiveness by Using Evidence

Once a salesperson has diagnosed the buyer’s problem correctly, he or she needs to present the right prescription in such a way that it persuades the buyer to see value in the solution or opportunity. A high-performing sales team knows they need to gain the high ground in order to overcome doubt quickly and effectively. And what inherently overcomes doubtEvidence.

Early in my career, a moving company that specialized in moving older furniture wanted to boost the effectiveness of their salespeople. The biggest objection they got was price, as they were 15-20 percent higher than their competitors. The thing was, they specialized in moving fine furniture and antiques. And they had a lower rate of damage than the competition.

I sat forward. “Can you prove it?”

The owner proudly stepped up. “Well, we have specially manufactured shocks on our trucks that protect the contents around the cobblestones streets and winding roads of Philly.”

“Show me how,” I said.

The owner pulled out a balloon and blew it up halfway. “Our shock system is like this balloon. If we hit any bumps or turns, our system absorbs all these blows and actually reduces damage significantly. We’ll put our money on it.”

My jaw dropped. “Do your salespeople sell like that?”

“Well, they talk about it.”

“No. Do they show people like you just showed me?”

He laughed. “No. They tell me it’s old-school.”

“You guys need to start doing that in your presentations every time, without fail,” I said.

That’s using evidence and being persuasive. That’s the salesperson deliv­ering a prescription in a way meant to convince. That’s gaining the high ground.

Selling is an away game from Lance Tyson

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