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Sales Management: Think You’ll Score High on This Critical Driver of High-Performance Sales Teams?

Updated: May 30, 2023

sales management is a critical sales drivver

The Sales Team Science Assessment Can Reveal Whether Your Sales Teams is Among the Elite Ahhh, Sales Management. Leads, pipeline, goals, tracking, reporting, KPIs, and compensation. All of these elements are no-brainers, right? Easily articulated, easily understood. Would you say every member of your sales team can define their KPIs? Do you have a scoreboard so every member can see how the team is doing? Does every member take part in setting their goals and expectations? Do your sales leaders discuss pipeline, market, and product knowledge in every single sales meeting? From your culture to your team’s expectations, from prospecting strategies to the philosophies that drive your KPIs, your sales team needs to excel to be able to compete and close. The good news is—as every great salesperson knows—gaps mean opportunities. And opportunities mean potential. That’s where Sales Team 6 comes in. Using a six-part assessment targeting the 6 Drivers of High-Performance Sales Teams, Tyson Group is able to analyze your team’s metrics to determine what tools are needed to excel in their respective roles to help drive revenue. Responses are then used to generate a customized scoring tabulation conducted through specialized software, with a perfect score set at 150 points. Armed with this information, we will evaluate and design a training playbook tailored specifically to the strengths and weaknesses of your existing sales team. The result? Increased sales productivity. Reduced sales cycle time. Higher close rates. In 90 days or less.

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