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Sell Them a Hole

Updated: May 30, 2023

Encourage Sales Talent to Think Through The Prospect’s Mind

When you are doing a little do-it-yourself project on the weekend and you find you need to make a quarter-inch hole in the wall, you go to the hardware store. Why? Are you buying a quarter-inch drill bit, or are you really buying a quarter-inch hole? What the hell do you need a quarter-inch drill bit for unless you need the quarter-inch hole?

What most salespeople fail to realize is that they are not truly selling their product or service. They are selling the product of their product, the service of their service. For instance, when somebody wants to refinance their house, they actually don’t want to refinance their house. They want to be able to pay their bills, build a porch on the back of the house, take a vacation, or pay for their kid’s tuition.

High performing sales teams always work to connect to the prospect’s interests—whether it is through social media, direct interaction face-to-face, on the phone, or any other means. The first seven seconds are the most critical to get their attention. If you survive, you have the next sixty seconds to win their interest. And the first thing you’re selling them isn’t your product or service, but time on their calendar.

Last year, over a million quarter-inch drill bits were sold, not because people wanted quarter-inch drill bits, but because they wanted quarter-inch holes.

Get their interest. Talk holes!

Selling is an away game from Lance Tyson

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