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Take Your Time To Buy Time

Updated: May 30, 2023

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Anyone who knows me well, knows that one of my guilty pleasures in life is buying watches. For me, a watch signifies so many things—time, commitment, longevity, patience, perseverance. Time is what we struggle to keep with those we love, and is what we struggle to win with those we hope to connect with or do business with. And time is at the heart of selling—we’re asking someone to give it away, banking on the fact there’s going to be a mutual ROI.

Kate understands this concept of time very well. When buying watches, she’s the salesperson I typically do business with. In late February of 2020, she sent me a nice note: “I'm still looking for that Omega watch you were interested in.” Three weeks later, COVID-19 broke out in the US and everything went into lockdown. I had barely made a dent in my stockpile of toilet paper and hand sanitizer when Kate reached out again via text: “Hey Lance, I know this text message is probably not appropriate, however, I did find that Omega watch. I know you're not going to buy it now, but when things change—and I know they will—I do have it for you. I hope all is well and your family is safe and healthy.”

Was Kate selling during an extremely sensitive, difficult time? Absolutely. Was it appropriate? Some of you reading this might not think so. But between knowing what she knew of me, and more importantly the tone she used, I would say that was probably the right strategy. She was planting seeds for the future. She got into my head and anticipated the things I might be thinking. Too many times I watch salespeople try to sell with only one gear—maximum overdrive. They just don’t have the tactical empathy required in this business.

Selling is about taking your time to buy time. After all, who won the race—the tortoise or the hare?

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