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To CC or Not to CC…There is No Question

Updated: May 30, 2023

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High-Performance Sales Teams Leverage Multiple Decision-Makers to Close the Deal

In most B2B sales, you will need to deal with more than one decision-maker. To avoid getting limited by corporate politics and the whims of one decision-maker, you should enhance your entry efforts by contacting all decision-makers who can have an impact on your sales process.

Here’s an example of why you need to reach multiple decision-makers in your target company: Back when I ran a lead generation service, a salesperson contacted me about a call-management software suite. When he pitched me, he said that this software package would change the nature of my business for the better by making the calling team more efficient. I was intrigued, so I scheduled him to do a product presentation. When he arrived, I called in several members of my team to review the presentation:

  1. My VP of sales who led a team to sell our service

  2. My VP of Service who managed the team making the calls and building the meetings

  3. The Director of Technology who had to ensure the software wouldn’t cause friction for the people who had to use it

In the space of an hour, this sales rep had to address the concerns of everyone at the meeting. He was able to accomplish this within the time constraints, and he had time to address additional questions and gather more information. How? It wasn’t because of his scintillating personality or his flashy sales talk. Unbeknownst to me, he had reached out to each of these people and uncovered their challenges before he even contacted me. This salesperson got the opportunity to make his presentation because he had done his homework and created an internal support base.

The “cc” option in an email is there for a reason. Use it. A lot.

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