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Tyson Group selected as a Finalist for Excellence in Sales Training

Updated: May 22, 2023

Tyson Group selected as a Finalist in the Sales Training Category by the IES 9th Annual Sales Excellence Awards

IES Finalist for Excellence in Sales Training

Tyson Group has been named as a finalist for the IES 9th Annual Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES) Awards in the Sales Training category . This award caps a banner year marked by extraordinary growth, stemming to the increasing demand for Tyson Group’s tailored training solutions and on-going coaching, which are designed to provide a deeper overall strategy for handling day-to-day sales situations. We are passionate about coaching, training, and consulting with sales leaders and their teams to compete in a complex world. What motivates us most is the opportunity to successfully rev the sales engines of some of the most successful organizations in the country, including the Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns, New York Yankees, Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Lightning, Topgolf, and Legends, among others. Selling premium seats or suites is one of the biggest challenges in the business of sports. Fans don’t need a premium seat to watch the game live, so this sale requires convincing ever-skeptical buyers of the worth of premium seating, even when they know they can see the game for less. The Houston Rockets engaged us to assess their team, train them to implement a new sales process, change perceptions, and prospect for new business.  Our Away-Game Selling model yielded in-depth analysis of individual strengths, higher confidence for individual team members, better prospecting for new business development, and higher YOY results. “Lance Tyson brings a unique style to the world of sales training,” said Al Guido, President, San Francisco 49ers.  “His passion, knowledge of the business, and ability to relate to the sales representatives is second to none. What I love most about Lance is his willingness to jump into the mix with his team. I have spent over fifteen years in the world of sports, and I have never seen another trainer pick up a  phone or write an email on behalf of a salesperson like Lance does. If you have not hired him already, give him a call today. Your sales team and business will thank you later.” It is thrilling to be recognized by IES, and we believe that we share this honor with our clients.  Thank you for helping us to make our vision into a reality! If your organization wants to increase sales production, shorten sales cycles, reduce the cost of sale, negotiations and closing, and develop sales leadership talent, call us today at 800.659.1080 or email us at

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