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You Have to Move People, Not Your Product or Service

Updated: May 30, 2023

selling what the buyer wants

Increase Sales Performance Metrics by Appealing to What the Buyer Wants

Do you turn your selling game on and off like a light switch? Or do you use it outside the office, too? Guess what? You’re not alone. We all sell. Every one of us. Sometimes it’s our product or service. Sometimes it’s ourselves.

Let me ask you this: Have you ever taken a friend out to dinner before you asked for a favor? Do you compliment an acquaintance you hope to do business with? Ever comment on an influencer’s social media post hoping they might notice you? Ever name-dropped to get an edge? How about flashing a big smile to someone you’d like to know better? That’s selling.

Let’s say you’re at the airport and the flight isn’t full. You want an upgrade to first class. Do you have any bargaining power? Actually, you do. In today’s business world, customer satisfaction is king. Most businesses realize that an unhappy customer will eventually lead to an unhappy review. Which is read by everyone in the universe. And current research says that negative reviews can stop an average of 40 percent of buyers from wanting to do business with the offending company.

So in a sense, when you try to get that upgrade to first class, you’re technically selling. “This is my favorite airline for travel. Because the flight isn’t quite full this time, would I be able to get bumped up to first class? I’d be happy to leave a really positive review or take a survey.” Boom. How many gate agents are going to turn that down? If it’s not a fully booked flight, not many. Plus, you are appealing to that social condition we’re all subject to: helping one another. You get your upgrade while the gate agent gets their review and feels good about themselves.

Remember, whether it’s for your product, your service, or yourself, selling is about moving people.

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