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Nikki Vescovi is a dynamic global speaker, consultant, trainer, and coach, having grown up in the United Kingdom and worked in the United States and Australia. Her clients look to her to help them exceed sales quotas, develop strategic plans, enhance customer service, gain team alignment, and deliver powerful presentations. She has over 40 years of global corporate development and performance improvement, including a 600% increase in sales for one client.

After captaining a men’s ice hockey team in college, Nikki became the youngest and only female hired in her class at Herff Jones as a recognition consultant. She reached the President’s Achiever’s Club even though she faced steep competition from several former male pro athletes that were selling against her.



Nikki also has a strong leadership background, having coached CEOs to drive their team’s performance. With an extensive background in marketing and sales, she was the Marketing Manager for the University of Southern California’s $89 million Auxiliary Services. She advanced into National Accounts for Nabisco and Nestlė, creating the Casa Ortega branded concept.


She has also worked extensively with companies such as AAA, AT&T,  Bank of America, Boeing, Federal Express, Morgan Stanley, Oracle, Schlumberger, Southern California Edison, ConEdison, UBS, BonAppetit, Subway, The Getty Museum, as well as Columbia and Stanford University.

Ms. Vescovi is a licensed Global Master Trainer in Sales and Customer Service Effectiveness, the Core Competency Training, The Dale Carnegie Course®, High Impact Presentations, and Leadership/Management Effectiveness. She is an NLP Master Practitioner with her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Bowling Green State University focusing on Sales Management and her Master of Business Administration in Management and Marketing from the University of Southern California.


Ms. Vescovi is also an international author and speaker, contributing to the Thought Leaders book, Ideas, Volume II, focusing on The Power of Connection. She brings an innate enthusiasm and ability to deal with challenges and stress to her work. She overcame her entire family being run down by a drunk driver in Germany, a plane crashing into her front room while in college, and a truck driving over her car while she was inside!

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