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As a manufacturer, the success of your business often lies in the hands of your distribution network and their sales representatives. An underperforming distribution network or manufacturer’s representative can cut growth and cause your organization to lose precious market share. Providing sales talent or distributors with product training isn’t enough to help you achieve your revenue targets or company goals.

Your salespeople can no longer sit back and take orders. They need to be proactive in finding buyers, selling higher, and winning sales. At Tyson Group, we help Manufacturing and Industrial product companies boost their sales and see real results.

From prospecting and consultative selling to negotiating and closing, your sellers need the right skills to succeed in sales. We offer a full suite of sales training programs to give your team the skills they need to consistently find and win new business.

The Manufacturing and Industrial sales industries face extreme challenges in today’s environment. An overcrowded marketplace is becoming more and more competitive, leading to commoditization and well-informed buyers who seek out the lowest price. Unfortunately, salespeople are often selling to a middleman who is more concerned about price, speed, and availability of a product rather than quality.

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