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Our Journey Begins

In the intricate dance of buyer-seller relationships, understanding and precision are paramount. However, the sales landscape has often been marred by inefficiencies and misunderstandings, with many teams operating under outdated models that fail to grasp the unique challenges and needs of modern customers. This realization led to the foundation of Tyson Group in 2010 by Lance Tyson, an acclaimed sales coach, consultant, and bestselling author. Lance's vision was to radically enhance how sales teams engage, perform, and succeed.

Tyson Group stands as a leader in sales consultancy and training, bringing a bespoke approach to sales team development that harnesses talent and drives significant, measurable outcomes. Employing predictive analysis, we meticulously assess sales teams to pinpoint the exact tools and strategies needed to excel and propel revenue growth. Our expertise has shaped negotiation strategies for multi-billion-dollar deals and has been sought by powerhouse brands like Eli Lilly, American Express, and the Dallas Cowboys, creating elite sales teams and installing robust sales methodologies.

Tyson Group's Key Differentiators

Customized Sales Performance Solutions

With Sales Team Science™ at our core, we've crafted a 360° solution that embodies seven critical elements of high-performance sales teams: Leadership, Management, Process, Effectiveness, Methodology, Talent, and Enablement. This evidence-based framework is not just our strategy—it's our science, proven through years of rigorous industry research and real-world application.

Adaptive Content and Advanced Methodologies

Every organization faces unique challenges, which is why our content and methodologies are tailored to fit. From dynamic training modules to advanced sales tactics, Tyson Group ensures your sales force is equipped not just for today’s market, but for the future of selling.

Innovative Technology and Real-Time Analytics

We leverage the latest in technology to provide engaging, effective training that integrates seamlessly into your sales systems. Our platforms deliver real-time analytics and actionable insights, allowing you to see the direct impact of our training on your sales results.

Talent Solutions

Recognizing the high attrition rates in sales, we focus on optimizing your team's potential through comprehensive assessments. We analyze 18 benchmark data points and over 140 sales skill sets, ensuring you not only find but also develop and retain top sales talent.

At Tyson Group, we don’t just change how teams sell; we transform them into market leaders. Let us help you redefine your sales narrative and achieve outcomes that exceed your strategic goals.

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