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Against the Sales Odds


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Over the past five years, there has been a focus on increasing funding for businesses owned by women and BIPOC individuals. However, despite progress being made to close the funding gap, women-owned businesses in the US still only receive 7% of venture funds. Nevertheless, more companies and venture funds are being created to support underrepresented communities. In this episode, Lance interviews Nicole Jeter West, CEO of Underdog Venture Team, a next-generation agency that provides an integrated mix of brand-building services while investing in and partnering with ahead-of-the-trend startups within the sports industry. Underdog Venture Team aims to increase diversity in the sports industry and invests in businesses owned by BIPOC or women at a rate of 66%. They are a team of passionate underdogs who build brands and create value, with a social impact model at the core of all they do.

Sometimes, life will throw you a gut punch. Darleen Santore, aka Coach Dar, has seen a fair share of calamitous situations in her 25+-year career, from major league players suffering slumps and season-ending injuries to executives floundering professionally and experiencing financial devastation. That’s on top of her own setbacks, like three strokes before the age of 45 and the loss of her parents. How did she thrive through all of that? More importantly, how can you do the same? As a mental skills coach whose clients have included professional athletes, top CEOs, and world leaders, Coach Dar specializes in helping the best of the best get up and get going again after suffering serious setbacks. In this episode of Against the Sales Odds, she shares these proven strategies and techniques from her new book, The Art of Bouncing Back, so you can ensure the obstacles and setbacks you face quickly morph into setups for your next success.

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The business side of sports is as much about team building as it is in the court or field. Kristin Bernert has been on both sides of the court. Now finding herself in a top leadership position, she understands the value of effective leadership in empowering teams that make an organization great. In this conversation with Lance Tyson, she shares how that dynamic plays out in the Columbus Crew, where she is the President of Business Operations. She also tells us of her journey in sports, sales, and leadership and some compelling stories that teach us the keys to effective leadership, the power of team building, and more lessons on running a successful sports franchise. Tune in and learn the simple truth about leadership that so many people must learn the hard way through years of experience!

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