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Sales teams are seeing accelerated changes more than any other industry. Disruptive technology is creating a dynamic landscape in which priorities are constantly shifting. As better advertising models emerge, buyers are struggling to keep up. That means that sellers need to keep up, as well.

To stand out and keep up, salespeople in Media and Advertising must understand their customers’ mindset and up their sales game.

Tyson Group is keenly aware of the paradigm shifts that have obliterated the old ways of selling in the Media and Advertising industries. We understand the obstacles and tailor a scaled solution to meet and address these unique challenges.


The Media and Advertising industry are facing enormous challenges selling in today’s marketplace. Viewership and readership have fractured into slivered segmentation, and digital streaming revolutions make today’s sales landscape entirely unrecognizable compared to a decade ago. Advertisers are demanding a greater return on their investment, and they have more options than ever before.

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