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Despite these enormous figures, consumer demand and increased sophistication are causing Food and Beverage companies to spend more to reformulate existing products and create new products. This has increased the need for better product training for sales teams. Global players faced the greatest struggle in this area, as 13 of the top 25 Food and Beverage firms experienced revenue declines over the past few years. A third of those companies also saw lower profits. Not surprisingly, the most critical factor to a Food and Beverage company’s bottom line is its sales talent.

Tyson Group has experience serving the Food and Beverage industry for decades, and nobody understands your industry's unique circumstances as we do. For most suppliers in the Food and Beverage industry, stagnating sales happen because you lack the sales skills to target and acquire new clients. Our sales training will enlighten and empower your sales team so they consistently hit goals and increase revenue. Our proven process will improve sales performance and provide the knowledge and tools to target and approach new prospects so that increased revenue continues to flow. The bottom line is that you’ll finally have the competitive edge you’ve been looking for with Tyson Group.

The Food and Beverage Industry is expansive and diverse, with multiple sub-sectors and functions. At its core, the global Food and Beverage Industry makes up a multi-billion-dollar industry, with China leading the way ($19 billion annually) and the United States ($16.6 billion).

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