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The Human Sales Factor Training Program is an immersive, hands-on training experience designed to bring the key principles of this groundbreaking book, "The Human Sales Factor: The Human-to-Human Equation for Connecting, Persuading and Closing the Deal," to life. This program focuses on the essential role of genuine human connection in the sales process. It equips participants with actionable strategies, techniques, and skills to build meaningful relationships, foster trust, and consistently achieve outstanding results in a competitive business landscape.


Gain a deep understanding of the importance of the human element in sales and the power of genuine human connection in building lasting, profitable relationships with clients.

Develop a client-centric sales mindset that emphasizes empathy, active listening, and understanding clients' unique needs, motivations, and decision-making processes.

Acquire effective communication strategies to establish rapport, foster trust, and convey your value proposition in a way that resonates with clients on a personal level.

Master the art of persuasive storytelling, leveraging clients' emotions and aspirations to present compelling solutions that address their specific pain points and goals.

Learn proven techniques for overcoming objections, handling difficult conversations, and navigating the complexities of the sales process with confidence and grace.

Enhance essential negotiation skills that enable you to close deals effectively, while maximizing value for both parties and nurturing long-term client satisfaction.

Discover how to develop a robust sales process that integrates the human sales factor, streamlining your efforts and maximizing your sales team's potential.

Gain insights into best practices for continuous learning, self-improvement, and adapting to an ever-evolving sales landscape while maintaining a strong focus on the human aspect of sales.

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Upon completion of The Human Sales Factor Training Program, participants will be well-equipped to thrive in the competitive sales world by harnessing the power of human connection and empathy. Based on Lance Tyson's transformative book, this training program is an essential experience for sales professionals seeking to elevate their game, build meaningful client relationships, and drive sustainable growth for their organization.

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