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After relocating with her family to Ohio from the East Coast, Sian (pronounced like Sean) Valentine sought a new challenge. While waiting for the right opportunity, she took on the role of team manager for her son’s hockey team. During that time, she met Tyson Group President and CEO Lance Tyson. Lance realized that Sian’s 15 years as an HR Consultant and Project Manager could be a valuable resource for his growing company. Initially charged with managing Lance’s calendar and assisting with correspondence, Sian’s role quickly evolved from Executive Assistant to Corporate Communications. As the liaison to the CEO, her role included planning, analysis, scheduling, teamwork, and communication.

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As Director of Client Activation, Sian will deliver and oversee overall relationship management and contract fulfillment for a portfolio of clients. With a deep understanding of client goals and objectives, responsibilities will include onboarding clients, overseeing assessments and assessment coaching, and preparing for instructor-led training and virtual sessions. In addition, she will oversee the other members of the Client Activation Team to ensure that all deliverables are provided with the highest level of quality. This position will work closely with all members of Tyson Group to ensure we deliver best-in-class service. A native of Connecticut, Sian is a fiercely loyal alum of the University of Connecticut. She has lived in Medina, OH for the past 15 years with her husband, Mark, son and daughter.

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