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Skyla Loud started working with Tyson Group in February of 2024. Before landing here, she carved her path in the fast-paced world of creative agency sales, building connections with clients from beer giants to CPG legacies.


But Skyla's not all business; hailing from Colorado, she
thrives on skiing fresh powder, exploring underwater worlds as an advanced scuba diver, and sharing adventures with her two furry side kicks. Now, Skyla brings her sharp sales mind and collaborative spirit to forge deep relationships with Tyson Group's clients.


She thrives in helping businesses unlock their potential by building dream sales teams and nurturing strong leadership. Think of her as a strategic sherpa, guiding clients to maximize their sales talent and reach new heights.Joining Tyson Group is a new chapter, and Skyla's ready to write it passionately.

Skyla Loud Image.jpg

She's committed to upholding the company's culture ofexcellence while exceeding client expectations every step of the way.Whether it's strategic support or digging deep into challenges, she'shere to empower clients and fuel the company's continued growth.

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