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​Traci Tigue is an uncommon mixture of serious business and fun. She takes her business very seriously… and has a blast doing it. “My purpose,” says Traci, “is to get people, teams, and organizations to the next level of performance through the resources of Tyson Group.” Through her intense fuel-driven teams, each touch with a prospect can accelerate the performance of an organization and impact its business model, sales teams, and revenue. Because of that, we must be on point. Tigue comes from a background of the building, leading, training, and accelerating sales and best practices for departments and organizations, both in the corporate world, Dale Carnegie Training (DCT), or in Education, SMART Technologies. She excels in breaking sales records and recruited and led nationally recognized award-winning teams.

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She has consistently found herself as a trainer, innovator, speaker, salesperson, and manager for most of her life; whether it has been leading teams, building departments, or established companies, she has been the architect and the builder. Tigue is still actively training for DCT. With a degree from Bowling Green State University, this Falcon loves taking on adventures like traveling, hiking, boating, warrior dashes, half marathons, and triathlon racing. Traci is constantly expanding her horizons as part of her own personal push. The best part is that Traci does business the way she does life. Her enthusiasm is contagious. When you work with her, you will find your horizons expanding too. Traci lives in Cleveland, OH, with her husband Russ, their daughter Harper and their beloved pooch, Paulee.

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