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It’s as Easy as DDE

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

coach on being proactive with sales objections

Be Proactive with Objections to Drive Sales Metrics

When we consider some of the toughest objections we deal with as salespeople, financial objections have to be on the top of the list. Budget and cost are difficult things to combat. I mean, either the money exists for your product or service, or it doesn’t, right? Well, not necessarily. Not if you use the DDE strategy from the Sales Playbook.

DDE stands for Define, Defend, Explain. Oftentimes, once a salesperson hears any kind of objection, especially a financial one, they start to throw better deals at the buyer before they get the buyer to define, defend, or explain the objection. They react to objections as soon as they hear them and end up playing the game of Whack-A-Mole.

Just because you have the ability to start negotiating/bargaining, doesn’t mean you have to. But this is where a lot of salespeople start because they don’t read the situation right. They react instead of asking questions and being proactive. And the lowest ground we can take as a salesperson is being reactive.

You can’t bargain if you’re blind. So it’s our job as salespeople to really get a clear understanding of what the buyer is saying. Maybe they think the cost is too high, but don’t realize the long-term value. Cost, value, budget—everybody defines those words very differently, and uses them interchangeably. That’s why we’re obligated as salespeople to have a dialogue about what those objections are, not to make assumptions.

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7 Steps to Resolving Objections
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