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Selling Power - Top 20 Sales Training Companies for 2018

Top 20 Sales Training Companies - Selling Power
Top 20 Sales Training Companies - Selling Power

Recently I learned that Tyson Group received recognition as Selling Power’s Top 20 Sales Training Companies for 2018. I’m honored that our company has received such accolades. But I also have to acknowledge the effort and the commitment that my team has made to bring about this accomplishment.

The landscape of sales is changing. I recognize that our industry is constantly undergoing evolutionary changes but recently, with the advent of digital technology, it seems as if the changes have become revolutionary.

Customers have the ability to perform instant price comparisons. Google and Bing allow customers to “shop” for what they want down to the color on the front right panel. Our prospects can get recommendations and referrals through their social and referral networks.

These changes combine to create an extinction level event for salespeople who rely on order fulfillment and use activities practiced before the turn of the century. In this digital age, the salespeople who are successful are flexible in their approach. They play chess instead of checkers, positioning themselves strategically. And they build affinity with their prospects by establishing rapport and building trust quickly.

A New Sales Landscape Requires a New Training Mindset

I bring this up because I recognized that if salespeople are required to undergo a revolutionary change, then as trainers and coaches, we were also required to undergo similar changes, delivering services that help salespeople address the new challenges in this ever-changing landscape.

In my training sessions, I teach sales teams about the value of flexibility, innovation, strategy, teamwork, and leadership. How together, everyone works to achieve a common outcome.

This achievement of being mentioned by Selling Power magazine is no different.

This Selling Power recognition would not have been possible without the commitment from our sales team dedicated to selling our services and our account management team committed to client services excellence. An accomplishment of this magnitude would not have happened without the hard work from the team managing our internal processes and the creativity from our training team.

And it definitely wouldn't have been possible without the support and feedback from our clients.

Without all of these individuals, this achievement would not have been possible.

We had a wonderful year in 2017. We’ll be working to make 2018 even better!

Good Selling!

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