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A #1 Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author, Lance Tyson is the President and CEO of Tyson Group, an award-winning, high-performance sales training and consulting firm. Over the past two decades, Lance has followed his passion for developing strong business leaders and salespeople by tapping into his natural ability to connect with others and foster an environment for learning and coaching. With more than 30 years as an expert sales negotiator and leadership consultant for some of the biggest brands in the world, such as the Dallas Cowboys, Eli Lilly, and Madison Square Garden, Lance specializes in generating measurable results due to his evidence-based approach to the subtleties—and the power—of the human-to-human connection.

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Lance is a highly sought-after thought leader whose writings are regularly featured in Forbes and Fast Company. And as the trusted advisor to executive management teams across the nation, Lance has had the privilege to consult on complex negotiation strategies for multi-billion-dollar naming rights and sponsorship deals for the nation’s most prominent sports stadiums. When getting the deal is critical, and the sales environment is challenging, sales leaders across all verticals rely on Lance Tyson to help them find the prospects, get the meeting, and close the deal.

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