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Sales Training Exercise - Building Powerful Sales Testimonials

Updated: May 30, 2023

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Sales Training Exercise – Sales Testimonials Exercise Here’s your assignment this week. Contact 10 of your best customers and simply talk to them. Ask them:

  1. Why they bought your product or service

  2. Why they decided to do business with you

  3. How your product is currently performing

  4. If they’re satisfied with their purchase

  5. How the product or service has impacted their lives professionally and personally You want to know everything about how your product or service has changed their situation. There are three reasons for this:

  6. First, you need a reason to reconnect with your customers. Many salespeople don’t call their old customers back until they’re ready to sell them something new. While that may be a reason to call, it certainly won’t make your customer feel good about the interaction.

  7. Second, your customers need to remember why they did business with you. They need to reconnect with how you were a problem solver and how your product changed their lives.

  8. Lastly, ask them to write a testimonial for you. This testimonial will highlight everything you just asked them: the challenge they faced before your offering, how their situation changed after your offering, and the impact it’s had on them personally. These sales testimonials are a powerful form of evidence that you can use to support your sales process. Now you have a response to the question that’s in your prospect’s head, “who says so besides you.” And it gives you more credibility when advancing your sales process.

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