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Want More Sales? Sell Less

Updated: May 19, 2023

improve sales merics by targeting solutions

Increase Sales Metrics by Targeting Solutions

A buyer’s inherent objection that all high-performing salespeople deal with is doubt. I don’t mean doubt in the salesperson’s abilities or solution necessarily, though that certainly is a real factor. I’m talking about the buyer, the prospect, the patient, doubting whether or not they even have an issue that needs solving, a gap that needs filling. Be mindful, change is hard. At the end of the day, we as salespeople often sell change.

So, the prescription given has to deal with the specific situation. It must be targeted. Just like a doctor isn’t going to prescribe you every medicine ever invented, you can’t necessarily pitch everything in your product arsenal. Yet most salespeople have a tendency to throw a bunch of solutions up on the wall and hope something sticks.

Recently, we were talking with a group from Adobe. They said one of the biggest issues they have is when they’re selling their software to measure the impact of certain advertising return on investment (ROI), their salespeople have a tendency to spit out all the benefits of what the software does.

When you just spit out a bunch of benefits or oppor­tunities and say something like, “Hey, here are some of the outcomes that you can achieve,” it actually causes more doubt. Ulti­mately, what we’re trying to do is give somebody specific enough information and just enough to help them make a buying decision. That means more is not always better.

So if you want to sell more, give them less.

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